Text from an ancient scroll tells the story of the Triad Dragons

Long ago, the world was steeped in chaos. Then the dragons were born. And change swept across the land. Their rise to power marked a time of fire and destruction. All corners of the world fell under their command and all opposition to their rule was burned to nothingness. And though they were cruel to their enemies, not once did the dragons ever turn against their own. And through this shared spiritual connection, their strength grew to legendary heights. With the mighty dragons as rulers and guardians, the world thrived. From the ashes of death and destruction grew a culture of peace, love, unity and respect. The world entered an era of light.

Yet after eons of protecting the world, evolution started to take its course. More and more of the dragons began to evolve into the form of humans. Though their physical forms may have changed, the dragon spirit still burned within their human husks, protecting their mortal souls. Across the world, my ancestors created life-size tributes to the dragons from precious metals. The remaining ancient dragons blessed these tributes and instilled them with their dragon spirits. Eventually, all physical traces of dragons disappeared from the world. Left to rule themselves, humans started to turn on each other. Chaos started to take hold of the world once more.

During this time, secret societies of spiritual leaders around the world hid the ancient dragon relics far from the sight of their fellow man. As time passed, memories of the dragons quickly faded. But one prophecy remains. According to ancient texts, three mortals are destined to awaken the ancient dragon spirits from their slumber within the hidden relics. While dragons of flesh and bone will never again walk the earth, the ancients will soon be reborn. And those who embrace their inner dragon spirit will join them as the Legion of Dragons rise to power once again.

But first I must find the three. I must find the Triad Dragons.

- Shaman